Vendredi 4 février 2021

You ever think ‘I should do/not do something because it’s the proper thing to do’? That’s me just now figuring out what’s wrong with my current writing project in my journal. I figured out that the characters are just reacting to the plot rather than being proactive. But I chose to put off writing about how to change this because I haven’t even finished said project.


Jeudi 4 février 2021


And doesn’t this blog look cool and futuristic with its colour scheme?

Every day my desire to blog properly gets stronger but I just know I wouldn’t be able to handle it because I haven’t even mastered uploading the habit tracker yet. Not to mention editing a pageful of writing is a chore.

Mercredi 3 février 2021

Testing out a new format! Turns out that modifying paper that has ink on the other side is NOT fun.

I added a new habit since it relates to the first one.

MAN do I want to blog properly but I can’t even get this one right.